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Shaver for Valentine’s Day

Posted on March 3, 2015 in Love by

Valentine’s Day was knocking at the door and I was still undecided about what should I buy for my boyfriend. This year’s Valentine’s day has a very special meaning for me and my boyfriend because we celebrate 1 year since we started our relationship. Our first anniversary has to be something to remember happily. He is a kind man,who deserves to be loved properly and deserves to smile and to be happy.


One evening, some of our friends visited us and I heard my boyfriend complaining to his childhood buddy about how bad his shaver was working. He sounded really disappointed because he bought it not long ago and spend a considerable amount of money to purchase it.

As soon as I could, I searched online for the best electric shaver I could find on the market. I was surprised to see numerous types  of shavers, each one of them having a good appearance. In the same day, I found a review site where people were stating their opinion about the products they used, offering a clear description of the advantages and disadvantages the objects have. Someone else’s opinion is very helpful in such a situation and not only.

I read many reviews and finally decided which shaver I will purchase for my boyfriend. As soon as the delivery arrived,  I packed it into a beautiful gift box and waited impatiently for Valentine’s Day to show him the present.

We decided to go on a date on Valentine’s Day and meet each other in a park where we often take long walks during the evening. I arrived early and waited for him to show up. When I wasn’t expecting him to appear, he sneaked behind my back and then he put his hands around my eyes. My boyfriend told me he has a surprise for me, asking me if he could cover my eyes with a scarf. I agreed. Then he took my hand and we started walking in the park. I was a little nervous because I didn’t know what he was up to.

When we stopped, he took of the scarf and I couldn’t believe my eyes! He bought me a huge bouquet of stunning red and white roses and a big teddy bear, putting the roses in the teddy’s arms on a bench in the park. I was very joyful !


I hugged him and thanked him for his beautiful gift. After that, while we sat on the bench, I gave him my gift too. He was very surprised and told me that I don’t have to spend my money to buy him any gifts.  ’Open it’, I said. He unwrapped the gift carefully and afterwards smiled brightly, thanking me dozens of times! He was excited and happy, making me happy as well because he liked the present so much. My boyfriend told me that it was exactly what he wanted to buy, since the old shaver wasn’t working properly.

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