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Perfect Gift for a Baby Shower

Posted on August 3, 2015 in Ideas by

It’s quite exciting when someone is expecting a baby, and even better when it’s not me, as I’m not prepared for all the work. A friend of mine was planning for a baby shower. I needed to find a really good gift, something that they wouldn’t be receiving multiples of. I had a good search online to find the perfect gift for a baby shower.

My friends had already told me to skip blankets, as they already planned on several, and how many blankets is a baby going to use anyway? Most likely there would be plenty of clothes, diapers, and rattles. Baby strollers can be quite pricey, and parents can be finicky in that regard. Strollers need to fit in a vehicle, so I decided to leave that choice up to them.

I finally had the perfect idea! I checked with friends to make sure this option wasn’t already covered, and fortunately it wasn’t. I would buy them the best baby monitor. A baby monitor can give parents a chance to take a breather. They can leave the room, but still keep an eye on baby from a distance.

A baby monitor will monitor the sounds and movements of baby, while they’re in their crib, or at play. Many parents don’t believe in being overprotective, but it’s a good idea to check on a child if they’re endlessly crying. That’s where an audio baby monitor comes in handy. Some parents are happy with the audio type, but many parents wish to take their monitoring a step further, and buy a video baby monitor.

baby monitor

An infant can be watched by a full color video monitor screen. If the baby even makes a movement, the baby monitor will notify the unit and the parent will hear an alert. This gives them the chance to view the live stream video of the baby, and decide if they need to go have a peek.

A baby monitor can give a parent peace of mind while they’re in another part of the house cooking, cleaning, or doing laundry. Often it’s not fair to baby to carry them all around the house with you, when all they want to do is sleep. Yet it’s not practical to be hanging around in their room watching them all day. And even babies enjoy their privacy.

A baby monitor is the perfect gift for a baby shower. It already comes in a a box that can be wrapped up attractively.

It was quite a puzzle to the parents when they picked up the gift, and shook it. It obviously wasn’t more clothes or a blanket. The parents were thrilled when they opened up the package. They were pleased with the brand, and mentioned that they’d been thinking about purchasing one, but had no idea where to start.

It was a good idea that I did my research in advance, and picked out a baby monitor, as it was the perfect gift for a baby shower.

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