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I Want to Get a Vacuum Cleaner Robot from My Boyfriend

Posted on August 6, 2016 in Robot by

My mother always used to say, “Don’t accept household appliances as birthday gifts,” yet I didn’t really want anything else for my special day. I had enough clothes and jewellery, so I figured that a vacuum cleaner robot would be the best gift from my boyfriend. But it turned out that it was a bit more difficult than simply making that decision. There are over a dozen different brands of robotic vacuum cleaners, so if I wanted one for my birthday I’d have to be more specific. Otherwise, the boyfriend would flake out and just get me a gift card.

I had to search the reviews and products online to see what exactly I wanted. The first thing I noticed on the best vacuum cleaner website was that vacuum cleaner robots fall into a few different categories.

The most basic and cheapest of vacuum cleaner robots only sweep hardwood or tiled floors. The O-Cedar O-Duster robot is a circular red vacuum. It has attachable cloths, and it sweeps floors while debris attaches to the base of the cloth. The cloth is latest tossed in the trash and a new one needs to be attached.

The next type of robotic vacuum was the type that vacuums not only floors but also carpets and rugs. The iRobot Roomba is a black circular vacuum with double sided brushes, and it actually has suction power to remove debris, pet hair, etc. from floors and carpets. Later, you must empty the built-in debris canister.

Some robotic vacuum cleaners also utilize HEPA filters, to get the tiniest particles from surfaces. This is particularly beneficial to allergy sufferers. The Rollibot has this feature.

There are some vacuum cleaners that not only vacuum your floors, but they also wash them too. The iLife is a black and white circular robotic vacuum. It has an internal tank of water, so it can mop hardwood floors after vacuuming first.

Finally, the best robot vacuum cleaners do all that, and they also sterilize your floors with UV lights, such as the Rollibot Robot vacuum cleaner.


Some of the robotic vacuum cleaners also have differing features. The cheaper ones only work with the press of a button, while some can be programmed to clean during a certain time of the day. Some can have room perimeters set up so they only clean a specific location. Some of them also have brushes that extend beyond the reach of the unit so that they can collect debris from even the corners of the rooms that the vacuum can’t move into.

Not all robotic vacuums are circular either, the LG Hom-Bot is a square-shaped vacuum cleaner with rounded edges. Some vacuums also have LED display panels on the top.

I’ve left it to my boyfriend to decide which to get for me. I did let him know I was seeking a robotic vacuum cleaner with suction power that could clean tiled floors and carpets, but I did not need any of the other fancy features.

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