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Clothing Trends for Women in 2015

Posted on November 20, 2014 in Trend by

Women are very cautious when choosing the clothes they buy and wear on different occasions. Wearing the right clothes at the right time can make a woman become confident, feel more beautiful and comfortable with herself. Fashion trends change year by year. Be prepared to keep up with the clothing trends for women in 2015!

Gingham patterns


Gingham patterns will be a major trend in 2015. Either you choose to wear a shirt, a dress or a sweater with gingham patterns, you will look stunning and fashionable!

Floral dresses and skirts


Wearing clothes with a floral design is pleasant for the wearer and also for the people around because this pattern spreads joy and puts people in a good mood. In 2015, you should wear a maxi floral skirt with a basic tee, a crop top, chambray or a cozy sweater.

Colours of the year


The colour trends in 2015 are white , black and cooler nuances of green and blue.  For a warmer appearance, choose to wear light pink, yellow, orange, red or purple.

Cropped sweaters/shirts/blouses


The 90’s style is back and its influence is stronger than ever thanks to the cropped sweaters, shirts or blouses. This type of clothes can be worn in all seasons with skirts (maxi or mini) and with short or long trousers.


Chiffon blouses


Chiffon blouses are very trendy in 2015.  No matter the occasion you chose to wear this type of clothing, you will look stylish and fabulous. Choose a chiffon blouse with long sleeves for an office look.

Skinny jeans or pants


Wear skinny jeans or pants in pale nuances . Combine them with chiffon blouses, knit sweaters or a V-shirt.


Long classy coats

Look classy during autumn and winter! Long, eye-catching coats with buttons go perfectly with a pair of black pants or black skirt.


Elegant and simple handbags will be a trend in 2015. In the same year, no matter the season, the colourful, chic and playful leather bags will become a must-have for every woman.



What shoe types are trendy in 2015? The answer : eye-catching,  simple heels ( with or without straps) and flats with a creative design. Even so, remember to wear whatever makes you comfortable and happy! You will adore the results because you will certainly look amazing and feel more confident with yourself!

Bracelets, necklaces and earrings


Either you choose to wear an elegant bracelet, or a casual one (depending on the occasion and and your preferences) , remember that colourful and silver bracelets will be a trend in 2015. Don’t be afraid to wear more than one colorful bracelet at a time!

Silver, gold and pearl earrings, together with gem earrings will give you a sophisticated look wherever you will go.

Choose to wear your favourite necklace type! Keep in mind that sparkling necklaces, with gems and pearls (with different colours and designs) are simple and fun to wear.

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